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Protecting Your Trees From Storm Damage

With their girth, large trees may seem indestructible but though they may withstand most things, hurricane-force winds, lightning, and floods brought about by non-stop rain can wreak havoc on the plants. From their root system up to their trunks and branches, extreme weather can permanently damage your trees, or even—in the case of lightning strikes—kill […]

Hurricanes 101 | The 2018 Hurricane Season

The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season is in full force, and recent storms indicate that the coastal region is in for a pummeling this year. To help raise awareness for storm preparedness, we suggest that you keep the following information throughout the 2018 season. Hurricane season starts June 1st and runs through November 30th. This is […]

4 Ways to Protect Your Home From Lightning

Lightning is a major risk of property damage to both homeowners and renters because it causes fires and power surges that damage electronics. The Insurance Information Institute reported lightning strikes cost $739 million in homeowners insurance losses in 2014, up 9.7 percent from 2013.  What’s more, the report stated that the amount of claims was […]

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Why Thomasville Homes Restoration?

Why Thomasville Homes Restoration? Thomasville Homes will renovate and restore your property as quickly as possible using quality construction and materials to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our contractors are licensed and insured and are known for their incredible work at making properties look like new again. Fire Damage A disaster like a fire can leave you feeling helpless. […]

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Mould, Left Untreated, Brings Respiratory Infection

Mold, Left Untreated, Brings Respiratory Infection Often times, most people do not notice mold in their home until it can’t be ignored any longer. That means that some people could have been exposed to dangerous levels of  mold without getting the medical assistance that they need. It is, however, rare for mold to cause permanent […]

Time For Your Annual Insurance Review

Time For Your Annual Insurance Review It’s almost time for year-end reviews. Is your insurance coverage included on the review list? If not, it should be. Let us help you with this insurance checklist as a starting point to review your policies and address any gaps in your coverage, as well as potential cost savings. […]