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Advanced Cleaning And Restoration

Flooding, mold, fires, and other disasters will often lead to damaged belongings. The professionals at Thomasville Restoration are trained to restore contents within residential and commercial properties that most would believe were lost. 

Thomasville Restoration specializes in working with customers to restore their beloved and relied-upon property to pre-loss condition. If your belongings require remote repairs, we will use our industry-standard software to document your entire contents inventory, safely transfer your belongings to a secure location, and thoroughly clean and sanitize your items. Once we’ve finished, we safely return your belongings back to you in like-new condition.

We are experts who specialize in handling, cleaning, and restoring cherished possessions. When we arrive at a property that has been affected by loss, expect the arrival of a trained crew in packing and inventory management. At Thomasville Restoration, we do more than restore your home; we also restore your belongings so, when you do move back in, it will genuinely feel like home again.

Our Contents Cleaning Process

Depending on the extent of the damage to your property, our team will move forward with either on-site or off-site contents cleaning. When the Thomasville Restoration crew has to move damaged items off-site, we will follow our proven process to ensure that your damaged contents are quickly and effectively restored and returned promptly to your property.


First, our crews will conduct a thorough inventory of the damaged contents, taking notes on the types of items and their current condition.


Following inventorying, we will carefully pack out all of the damaged belongings and move them to our climate-controlled warehouse.


Once your belongings reach our warehouse, we will design a restoration plan to ensure that high-priority items are cleaned and restored first, followed by lower-priority items.


Throughout the entire contents restoration process, we will further document all cleaned and restored items and distinguish those that are unsalvageable.


For claims purposes, we will provide documentation of non-restorable things to your insurance provider.


Upon cleaning, restoring, and deodorizing the contents to their fullest extent, we will carefully bring back all belongings to your home following the same handling procedures used during the pack-out.

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