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Quickly tarping your roof will stop any leaks and prevent further damage from threatening your property.

When a storm or fire damages your home or business, you need reliable restoration and repair services to get your property back to normal. However, in the meantime, you may also need temporary property repairs to prevent any further damage that allows you to return to your home or business until reconstruction occurs.

Tarping is the placement of a temporary covering over a damaged roof or exposed area, keeping out the elements.

Thomasville Restoration only uses the best quality of tarping materials for tarping services. On all of our properties, we use the most durable poly and vinyl tarps. All of the tarps we use are waterproof and treated to fight against UV rays. Their unique design is prepared to handle almost anything the outside environment throws their way.

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When To Tarp Your Property’s Roof

It is essential to call your insurance company ASAP if you see any of these signs of a compromised roofing system. In most cases, your insurance company will ask you to undergo temporary repairs to avoid secondary damages.
When a storm has passed through your neighborhood or your property has experienced a small fire, the following may occur:
Light streaming through your roof
Missing roof shingles
Hear dripping water
Water seepage through your ceiling or down your walls
Dark or yellow spots on the ceiling
House Tarped From Front

Importance Of Tarping Services

A fallen tree or wind damage from storms can cause your property to have an open roof. In almost every instance, your insurance company will ask you to make temporary repairs. The reason that your insurance adjuster will push this request is to stop any secondary damages. Secondary damages, such as leaking water into your property, can prolong the reconstruction process and even cause a denial of claims.

Another critical reason to secure a tarp to your roof is to protect the contents in your home from damages. Although avoiding water damages is an important reason for tarping services, it also prevents rodents and insects from entering through holes in your roof. Squirrels, rats, and ants are always looking for new homes, and the warmth of your property makes the perfect nest.

Need Insurance Claim Assistance?

Thomasville Restoration is always available to provide any needed assistance with the insurance claims process. Our team keeps documentation of all repairs we conduct, whether temporary or permanent. We can also work directly with your insurance company so that you can focus on the well-being of your family, find temporary housing if necessary, and move forward with complete property damage restoration.

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We Are Always Available; Call Now!

At Thomasville Restoration, we offer comprehensive temporary repairs for residential and commercial properties. Our team will come out to your property to assess the damage and immediately begin any necessary temporary repairs. Our goal is to mitigate property damage as much as possible so that we can ultimately restore your home or business to its original, pre-damage condition. We have all of the qualified personnel to work directly with your insurance provider to ease the stress of the repair process.

Thomasville Restoration is available for around-the-clock emergency fire/water/mold/storm damage cleanup and repairs every single day of the year. At Thomasville Restoration, we prioritize our customers, working hard to provide the highest level of customer service and quality. When you trust your property in the hands of our team, you can rest assured that we will work quickly to restore it to its original, pre-disastrous state.

Call our trusted team at (410) 360-1075 for emergency tarping services.

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