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Fire & Water Damage

A disaster like a fire can leave you feeling helpless. Once the firefighters extinguish the blaze, a rapid response is required to repair and restore your home to cause the least amount of disruption.


Our team will determine what your home will need before we start the construction.


Thomasville’s professional employees will renovate, restore, and rebuild portions, or if necessary, all of your property.


Right from the start, we work with your insurance company to settle your claim with your insurance representative.

There are many steps involved in the process of repairing your house and getting you safely back in it.  These steps can be overwhelming, scary, and confusing.  We hope the following chart and the links to further information will bring you clarity and peace of mind, not only in beginning the process but also throughout the experience.  Remember: While you’re away from home, our goal is to make you feel at home – with us and with the restoration process.

Restoration Steps Check List